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🙈 Berliner sucht IT Sicherheitsexpert*in für 3.312€ Gehalt. Wer statt einschlägiges Studium "nur" jahrelange Expertise hat, bleibt unter 3.200€. Viel Spaß bei der Suche, liebes Kammergericht. Und viel Glück mit der IT, denn das werdet Ihr brauchen! twitter.com/vpatermann/status/

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Very serious Tenacious D performance yesterday. The guys delivered the most passionate rock show I've seen so far. Of course they did.

It's so gorgeous what @b0rk@twitter.com does here. If you don't follow her, you'll miss out.

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how containers work: namespaces

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What an amazing world we live in: a Pissoir with an Android screen (having some issues of course) 🤦‍♂️

Sagt mal @1und1service@twitter.com wollt ihr mich veralbern? DSL geht nicht und wenn ich die Störung in Eurem Control Center melden will gibts auch ne Fehlermeldung!? Das könnt ihr besser, oder?

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Sometimes I can´t stand it when I see certain pictures. For example, exactly from the lecture hall in which my husband taught many students. Now with he can't even go there by bus.

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Hypersensitivity is probably the most misunderstood symptom of & it’s extremely isolating. The only way to avoid this pain, & the scary symptoms that accompany hypersensitivity, is to avoid contact with the stimulus (light, noise, touch) that causes the harm

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I am joining today. During the next hour, I will tweet about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis to raise awareness about this neglected and debilitating illness. Everyone join us and tweet about it every Wednesday at 8 PM UTC!

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With ME/CFS there are no more moments like this. My brother can’t even get out of bed. I miss this. I miss him in my life.
We need your support to make a change @jensspahn@twitter.com @NadineSchoen@twitter.com @Die_Gruenen@twitter.com

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I don't often look back at photos of pre-M.E. Anna. It's too upsetting. This was taken in August 2010. In the September I became acutely unwell. In the October I had to give up my job, my independence, and so much of the life I'd had for 21 years.

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Before M.E my husband & I hiked up mountains most weekends. Now he’s my carer. He cooks for me, helps me bathe, manages my meds & does all the housework. We’re only in our early 30’s. We wanted more adventures. We wanted to start a family. M.E took that from us.

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Wie man verschwindet?

Meine Nachbarn haben bereits vermutet, dass ich mich von meinem Freund getrennt habe und ausgezogen bin. Dass ich nicht mehr da bin. Weg. Einfach verschwunden.

Ich bin hier. Immer noch da. Und trotzdem verschwunden.

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I miss the sun. Before I became 100% bed bound in 2018, I fought so hard to leave the house on rare occasions. Now, I haven’t seen the sun or been outside, except when I was transferred by stretcher into an ambulance, in 20 months.
🍃 ☀️🍃

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Before M.E I worked full time as a teacher. I ran, I cycled, I hiked, I travelled. Now: I am mostly housebound at 32. I am in pain 24/7. I only really leave my house for medical appointments.

And yet, I’m one of the lucky ones.

is a living death.

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Meine neueste Entdeckung: Milchreis aus dem Reiskocher (don't try this at home!)

1 Tasse Reis, 2 Tassen Wasser, 1 Tasse Kokosmilch, 1 Apfel in Stücken ohne Schale und Kerne, 1 Zimtstange. Alles in den Reiskocher und fertig. Danach noch Zimtstange rausfischen, Zucker dran und umrühren. Super lecker

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