@maxheadroom Octoprint + Jyers = worst combination ever, it stopped me form doing 3D Printing completely. πŸ˜‚

@maxheadroom Reddit forums are full of it:

Sometimes the probe crashes into the bed for absolutely no reason. Turn the printer off and on and it behaves like all is fine, sometimes it probes but the numbers are different than from the first probing, and
many more.

the best of all is that Octoprint sometimes cant connect to the printer.

This all was not a problem before I installed jyers. Too bad that the Smith3D creator recommends jyers too because my printer was beyond perfect with jyers.

@Zoidtes interesting. My experience is the complete opposite. The stock firmware on my Ender 3 V2 had issues crashing, ramming the nozzle into the bed upon probing etc. Jyers eventually fixed it and runs pretty flawless now (and almost 24/7 πŸ™ˆ)

@maxheadroom As said, Reddit is full of similar problems that I have too. Sometimes it prints fine but it was more stable with Smith3D for me than Jyers.

Somehow the probing has no effect on my printer. It seems like my probe is a cute physical accessory that has no intentional purpose.

It hasn't been like that before πŸ˜‚

@Zoidtes yeah, I also hear mixed message about the probing. I've leveled my bed and use a NO Probing Print Profile currently for speed sake. The probing didn't seem to make enough of a difference to justify the additional time. What printer have you got?

@maxheadroom I also used the "No Probe" variant but sadly the problem is still present.
We have more or less the same Printer, just I have the V2. I noticed that we even have the similar Z offeset at around -1.40πŸ˜‚.

I used to do "All in one prints" which worked as said beyond perfect. Now I can barely print hinges. Im at my 35th try to print a simple hinge.
Thats now how it should go at all.
And all my 3D Printing knowledge seems to make no sense any more.

It really makes it very unattractive

@Zoidtes I also got the V2 with the 4.2.2 mainboard. But I've modified mine quite a bit. DirectDrive Extruder, Dual-Z Screw/Motor etc. Also switched from BLtouch probe to CRTouch. Using the Jyers 2.0.1 with a self-compiled variant for my particular Filament Runout Sensor (which is broken already)

@maxheadroom Ahh okay, yours looked like the ender-3.
I just have a custom Satsana "Ender 3 Fan Duct" But the fan is extreeeemely powerful.

I have a fake BL touch but it does its job quite fine.

Now I use "BLTouch-3x3-HS"
It goes quite well for me but when doing the probing, it can stil happen that the probing fails like 10 times in a row. I already read that the hs could be a problem but it isnt.

I read about your filament runout sensor, you already know the problem of the sensor?

@Zoidtes I guess there is a broken wire somewhere. It works most of the time, but sometimes I see the LED of the sensor flickering and then the printer thinks there is a filament runout. Assuming the wiring is fishing on the side of the printhead as thats the moving part. But was too lazy to look into it atm.

@maxheadroom Hmm I used to have problems with my BL touch at the beginning.

I thin I should make that public too but for example my BL touch sensor was similar, sometimes the red light was turned on, sometimes flickering, sometimes off. I changed the wireing from 3V to the 5V and since then it works perfectly, So maybe its the connection?
Because it sounds very similar.

@Zoidtes isn't the BLTouch as well as CRTouch connected to a default socket on the board? How would you change the voltage there?

@maxheadroom Well I dont know about the CRTouch, but you have 2 options, you use the 5V variant which is the "Default" one or, you can use the pins of the Z endstop.

I need the 5V for Jyers.
but somehow Smith 3D uses the Z-endstop 3V variant.

So yeah its not really default, if you think that some people really need the screen adapter to get their BL touch running.

@Zoidtes ah true... I had to unplug the z-stop and use that cable I think. Don't remember. But it was easy and I didn't had to fiddle with the Firmware ...

@maxheadroom I unplugged the z-Stop button too but I have the cable still so I was able to test around.
But yeah Maybe I will go back today and try to get my Z-offset ready sice my printer still fuses the hinges.

Oh and before I forget it. Octoprint itself is actually great, I used it with the Smith3D and it was great. So lets hope that it goes well with jyers soon πŸ‘πŸΎ πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

@maxheadroom Nein ich habe den 3D printer bis heute einmottetet gehabt und die SD-Card fΓΌr RetroPi benutzt πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ Sonst habe ich immer eine 128GB Karte drinπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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