It's good that AWS, Google, Apple, Twitter finally kicking the racists/facist networks & accounts off their platforms. But its way too late honestly. Now claiming that they are violating community standards that have been in place for years is just hypocrite. They've violated the rules for years and it seemed acceptable to them. Why now only?

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@maxheadroom because we're approaching war, so the information warfare has begun.

@maxheadroom it's terrible that they are being kicked out, now they are not on the surface anymore y now it will be harder to get them since they are scattered around the Internet but way more beyond the surface.


It was part of that archaic thing known as freedom of opinion, including noticing that diversity always fails.
@maxheadroom It's a sign of deterioration of society and you fail to see it because the censorship favors your point of view and you are currently feeling the rush of "we've won. we've shown those 'racists' ...".

These last few days were big steps towards a society where only a single political opionion is allowed. Eveything that deviates from it will quickly be labelled "hate", "racism", and "bigotry". Everything that agrees with it, will be sancrified and protected.

This is why writing "kill all White people" won't get you banned from twitter, but writting "kill all blacks" will. This is why supporting the mostly peaceful protests at and in the Capitol will get you kicked off every mainstream platform, but supporting the mostly peaceful BLM protests won't. This is why supporting the killing of George Floyd by the police will be sanctioned with complete removal of your digital personas. However, supporting and praising the killing of unarmed Ashli E. Babbitt at the Capitol won't see you banned.

In today's world, if you hate the correct kind of human, you will be put on a pedestal. If you dehumanize holders of the wrong political opinions and call for beating or even killiung them, then that's okay.

Welcome to true authoritarianism.

@usermeme you got me at "peaceful protest in the Capitol". The people now getting finally kicked never tolerated other opinions, they flat out lie and support violence openly. The only thing that must not be tolerated is intolerance! Maybe do some read up.

I said "mostly peaceful".

Was there violence? Yes.
Were there deaths? Yes.
But that's the case for the BLM protests as well. Houses burned, governmental buildings were under mob pressure, people died, incitement for violence was (and still is) widespread.

Both protests were essentially identitcal, except for their underlying political cause; the "why" behind it. Yet, you see it justified to call one of these protests "violent" and the other not. Why? It is because you support one cause over the other.

Intolerance towards intolerance is an oxymoron. It is a nice little line you can drop to justify censorship and violence. Everybody who thinks a step further, however, realizes that the next political group could come along and prosecute you for exactly the same: intolernace.

You are essentially advocating for something that you tell others is wrong. You do so because you have arrived at a point where you feel that any opinion other than yours is actually 'intolerance' and that you are therefore justified in committing acts you are supposedly against. Yet, you fail to see that not only you invite other groups to do the same but even provide a justification for their future intolerance with yours.

It's such stances that herald the end of a free society.

@usermeme ah, so protests because an innocent man was murdered by the police is the same cause as protests against election results you don't like? (There is absolutely no evidence of a steal and it has been confirmed by official multiple times )

@maxheadroom You are repeating what I said. Yes, the underlying political cause was different between the protests. But that does not matter, because the right to protest extends to all of us. And the way both protests were conducted was the same, as highlighted in my reply from earlier.
Thus, the deplatforming must not be rooted in the reasons cited by the big tech platforms (such as 'inviting violence', etc.) but must be purely driven by support or opposition for the underlying political message.

Hence my statement: if you advocate for violence against the right kind of humans, you keep your platform. Do it for another group and you'll be gone in an instant.

If you agree with this, and seemingly you are advocating for this, you are by definition what you claim to fight: a borderline fascist authoritarian.
@maxheadroom @usermeme

> protests because an innocent man was murdered by the police is the same cause as protests against election results you don't like?

Theft of an election is a very big deal.

@amerika @usermeme there is no evidence of this theft. In no State did the claims yield any substance. It's just repeated lies. And you sheeple fall for it.

@maxheadroom @usermeme

> The only thing that must not be tolerated is intolerance!

Either that, or "tolerance" is a false dichotomy and Karl Popper was a fraud.

@maxheadroom Because they're cowards driven by the love of money and want to look good publicly when the risk is lowest for them to make a risky move. The community standards need to be equally enforced for all or not exist.

@ShortStory that's my gut feeling as well. Was also thinking if they apply the same standards now to People like Bolsonaro or Viktor Orban.

@maxheadroom what if i told you this is just a bunch of authoritarian fags fighting for the monopoly of information and absolutely no one actual cares about you or your safety, not the government, not twitter, not donald trump, none of them give a shit about you and they will lob as many theoretical bombs at each other until everyone one around them is dead inside.

@a7 then that's your good right to have that opinion. I acknowledge that's part of a capitalist system that doesn't care too much about users. But eventually I needs the users nevertheless. So I believe they care enough to not piss everyone off.

@maxheadroom They thought the president was 'newsworthy;' in other words, if they didn't let him have his say, they'd fall out of history and he'd be having his say somewhere else. This was realistic enough. The real mystery is why they let all the Pizzagate hobgoblins who supported the President accuse Democrats of pedophilia in ludicrous fairy tales for years, making life hell for people like Tamera Luzzatto (ludicrously accused for years, with no redress, of whoring her grandchildren out to a Democrate pedophile cabal -- all perpetrated on Twitter )

@weiterhaktaket yes, that's what I meant. Applying the rules just now is only opportunistic. :(

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