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Wer nach Alternativen zu WhatsApp sucht: Threema oder Signal. Nicht Telegram!

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When will people (especially media) stop treating like a normal person? He's absolutely not! Every word he says is a lie and must be regarded like that. Even if he's not lying, you can't trust his words (if they make sense at all). He has no good intention at all

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Despite all the bad news about a handful of I'm really pleased to see that in the shops I visit +99% of the people wear a mask. And about 80% even over mouth and nose ;)

Thank you!

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1. The most expensive hardwood tree

Tanzania has the most expensive hardwood tree in the world, the Mpingo tree, also known as the Blackwood tree.

2. Earliest human skull

The earliest human skull in the world was discovered in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.

3. Concentration of Animals

Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals per square kilometres in the world, with more than 4 million wild in its periphery.

4. Biggest National Parks

30% of this amazing country area is occupied with national parks (12), nature reserves (13), and 38 protected areas.

5. Highest free standing mountain

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world. It is also the tallest mountain in Africa.

6. Sharing National Anthem?

Yes! and this is very rare at the same time. Tanzania share it’s National Anthem with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

7. Largest crab

The largest crab in the world, is the coconut crab, found in the archipelago of Tanzania, Zanzibar. It is said to be the most delicious as well.

8. The Ruaha National Park

Elephant’s favourite tree during dry seasons is baobab. Ruaha National park is also the home of significant number of baobab trees.

In all of Eastern Africa, the Ruaha National Park is the home to the largest population of wild elephants.

9. Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro crater is the world’s largest volcanic crater, with a diameter of 19 kilometres and boom deep.

10. Freddie Mercury

The lead vocalist of the famous English band ‘Queen’, Freddie Mercury is Tanzanian by birth and was born in the archipelago of Zanzibar in Stone Town. His real name is Farrokh Bulsara.

11. Two Capital cities

Tanzania has two capital cities, Dar es Salaam (the administrative capital) and Dodoma (the legislative capital) where it’s parliament sits.

12. Climbing Lions

Lake Manyara National Park is the home to world’s only tree climbing lions, however, lions can climb trees when in danger or hungry and wants to steal Leopard’s.

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#africa #tanzania #wildlife

Hui, endlich ordentliche Temperaturen: Letzte Nacht Tiefsttemperatur -8,2ºC in der . Now we're talking :)

Is there someone over here running their own NAT Gateways on AWS for cost saving over the managed AWS NatGWs?

Ich liebe es wenn Sachen auch mal funktionieren. Wenn z.B. mein WMF Milchschäumer auf die Basis vom Phillips Wasserkocher passt.

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👇 need some new YT channels to follow? Check out these!


The Big List of Women Makers on YouTube


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Ein bisschen Lockdown funktioniert nicht.

Deswegen, und weil beim Infektionsschutz niemand zurückgelassen werden darf, habe ich den Aufruf #ZeroCovid unterschrieben.

Das Ziel heißt: Null Infektionen.

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Kein Bock mehr auf Covid,
Kein Bock mehr auf Einschränkungen?
#ZeroCovid heißt das Ziel.

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I'm looking for a in-ear #bluetooth #headset (stereo) which works for video conferences on #Linux.

Currently I have the Jabre Elite 65t, they work nicely as headphones but the microphone doesn't work on Linux. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find any information about this on any product description.

Any first-hand experience and recommendations?


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EU-Bürgerinitiative gegen biometrische Massenüberwachung kommt

Die EU-Kommission hat die Aktion "Reclaim Your Face" als Europäische Bürgerinitiative für ein Verbot automatisierter Gesichtserkennung anerkannt.

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Zu Beginn des #homeschooling folgende Textaufgabe:
Gegeben sei der Server W mit CPU Anzahl 4 und einer Kapazität von 25.000 Datenbankrequests pro Sekunde pro CPU.
Darüber hinaus bekannt ist die Anzahl der SuS und Lehrkräfte U von 1000 sowie die Erkenntnis, dass pro Anfrage einer Anmeldeseite durchschnittlich 125 DB-Requests notwendig sind.

Berechnen Sie den möglichen Zeitpunkt des Zusammenbruchs, unter der Annahme, dass alle Anmelde-Anfragen um 08:00 Uhr losgeschickt werden. 👩‍🔬

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In eigener Sache: JitsiCloud
DSGVO-konforme Videokonferenz- und Speicherlösung
Ich biete für Schulen, Gemeinden, Vereine, Unternehmen und Organisationen JitsiCloud zu einem attraktiven monatlichen Pauschalpreis an.
Was ist JitsiCloud?
Die JitsiCloud setzt sich aus Jitsi Meet und Nextcloud zusammen und besteht ausschließlich aus freier Open-Source Softwar
#Cloudspeicher #Docker #JitsiMeet #JitsiCloud #Nextcloud #Speicherlösung #Videokonferenz

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uspol, parler 

okay I'm laughing, which one of you is responsible for this parler post

It's good that AWS, Google, Apple, Twitter finally kicking the racists/facist networks & accounts off their platforms. But its way too late honestly. Now claiming that they are violating community standards that have been in place for years is just hypocrite. They've violated the rules for years and it seemed acceptable to them. Why now only?

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Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉 #pixelfed

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DGS (German sign language) 

Spricht hier wer fließend DGS, hat Ahnung von Sprachen und hat Lust zu promovieren? Die Uni Köln sucht da wen. Soweit ich das rauslese ist in dem Team auch kein Hörvermögen notwendig.

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Endlich weg von WhatsApp? Kein Problem, die Messenger-Matrix (aktuell 08.01.2021) hilft beim Wechsel.

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